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Case Study: Western censorship of Sumerian Origins Discussions and Oxford Assyriology Graduates' Twitter Lies

By Mehmet Kurtkaya
Published online on June 24, 2017

In the last 6 months, I have emailed some people in social fields (Ancient History and Languages), mostly Western academics, to inform them about my website on Sumerians.

Most of the time, I received no reply, and very rarely two words, "thank you".

However on a few occasions, I was met with verbal attacks against my website/book,
such as the one from the famed Australian professor working in an Austrian university, Gordon Whittaker. He gave me 'friendly advice' to give up working in this field, among his other suggestions. I replied to him that he should do a favor to his students by resigning from his university post.

An even more aggressive Stephan Georg from a German university wrote me back, saying that he had thought that these "Sumerians are Turks allegations" were over and that I had reminded him to fight harder against this fact!

I recently received ridiculous comments including lies from Oxford Assyriology Graduates' Twitter account, which I will get into a little later.

What the fuss? Why should listing facts about the origins of a civilization which existed some 4000-6000 years ago draw such anger from some Euro/Western academics? It's not like the EU's fate depends on Sumerians. If they don't like the content they may ignore it or say they don't like it.

These so called Western social fields academics remind me of the EU defenders working for the benefit of Wall Street/London banks and their puppet EU bureaucrats who decide about truths on all things EU and truths in general: censorship and thoughtpolice in action (see 1984).

Needless to say this is not true for all the people of the West or all the academicians of the West! Yet, the majority seems to not care about any truth they do not like: complacency, willful ignorance, extreme Western-centrism are all hallmarks of the morally bankrupt West.


It is verboten even to discuss the origins of Sumerians in Wikipedia.

Wikipedia does not even have a page for Sumerian origins which it claims to be non-existent, while there are Wikipedia origins pages for other so called isolate civilizations, such as the Etruscans (, or the Basques ( Where is the Sumerian origins page? Why there is no origins page for Sumerians too, they were clearly more important historically.

Why shouldn't people be allowed to analyze or discuss data regarding Sumerian origins?

It is unbelievable that all these supposedly isolate civilizations spoke an agglutinative, SOV (subject-object-verb), non-Western language with similar grammatical traits: So, if there is a non-Western Ancient language then this language is automatically declared isolate!

Case Study: Lies from Oxford Assyrilogy Graduates' Twitter Account (June 2017)

I tweet individuals who might be interested in Sumerian history. Below you will find my twitter exchanges with the twitter account of the Oxford Assyriology Graduates and my short comments about the tweets. Since this discussion was done on twitter which is open to public, I hope it shows how Western propaganda operates:

Number 1


I certainly don't accept Western academic standards in social fields. However, what the person does here, is to use a strawman argument to imply that I only present 19th century Western scholarship. And that's not true.

19th century honest Western scholarship is buried by the 21st century Harry Potter School of Witchcraft Oxford/Harvard styla Western scholarship, and I bring out this fact IN ADDITION to all the research, books and articles published from the 1860s until 2016! New research only confirms what the British, French, and Finnish scholars of the time had suggested. So this first tweet is a lie about my work! (Tweet date: 5 Haz=5 June 2017)

Number 2

Oxford Assyrilology Graduates' account tweeted me a review of one section of the Foreword of my book. Totally uncalled for. Their "review" is in red and my replies are in italic.


Number 3


This tweet is quite something. They suggest that I should read an article, without even knowing that I have included that very article in my book!

Another proof that shows how far the West has fallen since the 19th century. I do not even have to say anything, these tweets from Oxford Assyriology Graduates' account are self-destructive.

This was my response:


This article, "Race and Scholarship in the Early History of Assyriology" by Cooper shows how Western academics failed since 1874. It has nothing to do with my work. To the contrary, this article only strengthens my position. (See Sumerian-Turkish language comparisons)

The Western lie was changed from "There is no such thing as a Sumerian language" in the 19th century to "Sumerian is an isolate language" in the 20th century.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions but not to their own facts! Unfortunately, almost noone in the West is interested in checking facts or doing research. Critical thinking has been replaced by assertions and accusations.

I have yet to find someone to challenge me on the facts I list on